After five years of intentional rest, study and healing,
I am excited to see you again face- to-face.

My speaking schedule is anchored in themes surrounding the book: Lament, rest, praise,
transformation, healing, finding God in the midst of grief, etc.. They might look like heavy topics,
but most of us are carrying heavy things.

I promise the load will get lighter as we carry them together; and I’ll bring a little laughter along the way.

To book Esther for your event, please e-mail Jen at NoMoreFakingFine@gmail.com

Recent interview samples: 

Esther on Daystar TV

Esther at Kensington Community Church

Past speaking events include: CNN, Catalyst Atlanta, Q Ideas Conference, Focus on the Family, Christian Alliance for Orphans, The National Day of Prayer Summit, Love Your Life NYC, The National Conference on Christian Apologetics, church and women’s conferences and more.