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Hi, Everyone!

Still hard to believe we passed the one-year mark for No More Faking Fine. Thank you for reading the book, reviewing it, and sharing it with your friends and family. Because of your support we were able to keep the books stocked and sold at retailers all year long. Thank you! And thank you to the retailers and Zondervan for working so hard to see the book succeed.

For over a year now, I have sent monthly e-mails out to encourage the subscribers at (you can subscribe at the bottom of this website).  In these e-mails we talk about how to lament, how to get unstuck after painful seasons and losses, and more. Due to the vulnerable nature of these e-mails, I have decided not to post them on the blog.

Thanks for keeping up with me on social media (instagram, Facebook & twitter) and going deeper with me on e-mail. You encourage me as we end the pretend, together. 


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