Rick Clark

I was able to fool others. I was able to loose control and in the span of 10 years become so settled with myself that I was ok with being extremely overweight. Battling it was simply to much effort to exhaust that I told myself, “I am happy”. I felt I was a good dad and a good husband, so at the end of the day, my physical well being and appearance was ok as status quo. I had gained about 150 lbs. I was the first to make jokes about my own weight because it helped me cope with it. May 18th, 2015 I had enough. I told myself that life was meant to be better. I could be better, for me, and my family. I started to attack my obesity. 9 months later, I am not where I want to be, but I am on my way. I have accumulated just over 100 lbs of weight loss. It isn’t just my physical appearance that is benefitting, it is my relationship with my kids, my relationship with my wife, and my relationship with God. I am more positive then I have ever been. I am filed with joy.

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