Rebecca Law

“Hello, can you hear me?” — I’ve often felt like I was shouting this question through a prison of unwanted emotions. You see, I had these constant companions for years that never went away – fear, rejection, and loneliness. It all began when I was 4 years old after losing my mother in a car accident, and then experiencing more pain when my father unknowingly remarried a woman who would lash out in verbal and emotional abuse for 11 years. Our family was well known in various circles and so the need to perform and make it look like everything was ok only made matters more complicated. I couldn’t be honest with myself for years and I struggled with the fear of looking like a failure if I exposed my true wounded self to the public. I was on a hamster wheel of performance, trying to run and be strong but only running in circles. Slowly, I began to let my guard down, expose my weakness and let Him in. It’s been a long road of healing in an emotional wilderness but now, as I look ahead, the sea is parting and I hear a new song…

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