I thought I had it all. A husband that loved me, a job that I loved, and living in beautiful Colorado. But I was wrong. After battling for six months with an illness and being in and out of the hospital, I found out that my husband had been having an affair for the entire six months. Being so far away from my family I felt lost. I took over fifty pills, while my husband watched, and wanted my life to end. I didn’t want to live without my husband. As I recovered in a room full of strangers, I felt so alone. Left alone to figure out the next step in my life, I felt as if a warm blanket were being wrapped around me. I was experiencing the love of God. God was with me. It was then that I knew I wasn’t alone in this battle. I had my family, my friends, and most importantly, my Lord and Savior. I knew that I would be okay. I was given a second chance, and I decided that I wouldn’t waste it. I have reestablished my faith. That’s what matters most!

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