Krystle Edelson

In God’s providence, my life has been filled with many heartbreaks and sorrow to deep for words; yet, I have always found blessing in opening up about my trials to others. Those who know me well have learned to expect a candid answer to “How are you today?”. Yet, in the midst of a long trial with infertility and pregnancy loss I have hesitated to share. Perhaps it’s the fear of the pain that comes from the (well-meaning) platitudes of “It just wasn’t meant to be” or “It’ll happen when you least expect it”. Or maybe it’s because this is a long-suffering trial and I’m just flat out weary of honestly answering the question with, “Today is really hard. While I am waiting and trusting, my heart still aches”. But I know I can’t pretend my way through this one; I just can’t hide my light under a bushel. No, I want to use the voice and story He has given me to weep with those who are weeping, love others imperfectly through their own brokenness and share the hope of the good news found in Christ alone.

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