Kathy Willis

I was 33 and very tired of dealing with a health issue I was told could be solved by surgery.  I had high hopes for healing when I was admitted to the hospital.  But there were complications.  I returned home racked in uncontrollable pain.  I saw doctor after doctor but nobody offered an explanation. The days became even darker when I discovered my husband was having an affair with my best friend.  I lost them both, and became a single mom.  I found myself prostrate before God, wondering how I would ever lift my head again. God did not take the pain away, instead, he walked through it with me.  20 years later another man came into my life.   We committed to a dating relationship, and the very next morning I suffered an unexplainable heart attack.  I looked at him from my hospital bed in the emergency room and said, “You didn’t sign up for this. Please feel free to go.”  He responded with words that floored me.  “I am right where God wants me to be.”  Could it be…he was willing to walk through this chaos and share the pain with me? My health is still a mystery, and I often feel God is, too.  But I know that He and the new husband He’s blessed me with will walk with me.