Jordan Shive

It’s always been more than just a game. Growing up I wanted nothing more than to play college football, and I was one of the few lucky enough to be able to have that opportunity. My first two seasons playing college football were cut short by severe concussions, and having not recovered fully from the one sophomore year, I was forced to stop playing. I lost my dream. It felt like it was all suddenly ripped away from me. Being a follower of Jesus, I believe that God really does have a plan for my life—so instead of being bitter and angry at God for doing this to me, I will continue to follow God and praise Him, because He is an ultimately loving God, and if it wasn’t okay with Him for this to happen to me, then it wouldn’t have. So yes, I lost this dream of mine to play ball, but I believe with all of me that God has and will use this for the betterment of me and the advancement of His kingdom—and that is greater than any dream I could ever have.

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