Jessica Stollings

When I answered the phone on April 19, 2014 I had no idea my life was about to fall apart. The voice on the other line was the first of many to disclose that my marriage was entangled in webs of lies and betrayals. How could this be? My husband was my best friend, the one I loved and trusted most. The pain was more than I could bear, literally. PTSD set in and just like that I went from a high-functioning woman, to one who struggled to get out of bed. For a year I went into “cocoon” mode. Protected by the Lord and surrounded by family and friends, I allowed myself to feel so that I could heal. The process was excruciating and transformational. Through it, I found beauty in brokenness, freedom in forgiveness, and the most colorful set of wings that were ready to test the sky again. If you’ve been hurt by betrayal, I’m deeply sorry. With God’s grace you will fly again. And, if your experience is like mine, you will find that your new views are stunning — filled with much more purpose, understanding, and compassion.