Erin Marie Harrod

Several years ago as I approached my thirtieth birthday little pieces of the carefully constructed mask I wore began to shatter. This mask was so skillfully crafted that over time I became almost unaware of the broken women underneath. I had a loving husband, five beautiful children, the house of my dreams, but something wasn’t right. I reached a point where I could no longer pretend that I was fine. My life started to spiral out of control and I knew that I had to make the decision to trust God and face my past. I had been hiding a secret sin for 9 years, only my husband and a few close friends knew. In my early twenties I became pregnant and had an abortion. I lived with crushing shame, guilt and fear covered only by the thin glossy mask of false perfection. I confessed my sin to a trusted group of women and began a journey of freedom, forgiveness, redemption and restoration. I no longer cower in the shadows but have been called out of darkness to walk in God’s marvelous light. Free of shame and washed white as snow.

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