Erin Hinson

I walked into the doctor’s office, 20 weeks pregnant, without a care in the world and walked out with the recommendation that I terminate my pregnancy because my son had too severe a diagnosis. I felt like people had the expectation that I handle the unknown of a child with a lifelong disability with elegance, grace and courage. So I painted those expectations onto a beautiful mask.

Hiding behind that mask was easier; but the interesting thing about hiding is eventually God will find you. So slowly I took the mask off and stepped away from the expectations and began a journey of becoming the mother that my child needed, but more importantly the women that God was calling forth. It’s not always been easy. Actually it has been a beautifully broken mess of a journey, but it has revealed in me a much deeper craving for God’s Glory and given me a wonderful little boy who teaches me everyday that the beautify of this life cannot be viewed from behind a mask, but instead you must let your face shine in the sun no matter the tears that may stain your face. 

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