Erica Pearson

I lost my mother at the awkward age of 14. My last image of my mother is of her smiling and waving goodbye as she pulled out of my best friend’s driveway after dropping me off for a birthday party. She would die in a car wreck the next day. Teenagers are not by nature empathetic creatures. No one around me understood the language of grief. I was told to just “Move on?”As if grief had an address and I could just relocate. I learned then how to fake happiness. I learned how to bury emotion deep inside of me, while simultaneously appearing strong on the outside. In the midst of my grief, I heard a sermon on Lamentations 3 that was a game changer. I knew that if a person in Scripture could be that honest, that God wanted my story too! I now write open and honest blogs about getting real before the Lord.

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