David Booth

The fulfillment of a childhood dream. That is something we all pursue, but rarely accomplish. My dream catered to what would make me look like a success to the world around me. Making it to the NHL would be the definition of success by the worlds standards. But what most people don’t realize is that true joy isn’t found by something we accomplish. My self sufficiency, the pride of my hard work, my determination, my skill, my abilities, my ego got in the way of who I really was. Then in one shift my season was over. I was completely helpless, unconscious, there was nothing I could do with my own effort. I couldn’t move a muscle. My identity that was established on my performance told me that now I am a nothing. That’s when I had to turn to God with my whole heart to get my true identity in who I am. I am loved and have infinite self worth because of Christ’s sacrifice for me. Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.