Brett Kern

In today’s culture men are supposed to be strong. Men aren’t supposed to show weakness or cry. But when my friend, brother and former teammate died in a car accident, I couldn’t pretend that everything was just okay. I needed to be there for his family, I needed to be there for his friends, even when some thought I shouldn’t. When I went home to spend time with my wife and children I realized this life is short. Nothing is a guarantee. Soak up the moments and memories you have with loved ones. I cried when Rob died, I grieved the way I needed to grieve and not how others told me to. I miss him to this day. I think about the memories we have on and off the field daily. There is no benefit in pretending everything is just fine. We have to mourn the death of a loved one before we can move forward. Death isn’t something you get over; it something you grieve, and something that reshapes how you see the world. I think real strength means sometimes saying no to the things the world says yes to, and being there for the ones you love.

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