8 years ago, we were on a flight to Africa to bring home our 3 new daughters, sisters who were 3, 10 and 13. We already had 6 children, ranging in age between 18 months and 15 years. Many thought we were crazy, but we had felt a clear call from God to adopt and had seen Him miraculously provide. We were experienced adoptive parents, doing the “right thing”, little did we know that our soon to be 13 year old daughter would take all the trauma she had endured, and turn it into hatred for me. For 8 years, I have been the target of her anger, manipulation, lies and threats. Attachment and bipolar disorder, added to her psychosis. Now an adult, she no longer lives with us and chooses not to speak to me. I’m left suffering PTSD and grieving what could have been and all we lost, including my sense of hope and my health. Hardly anyone believed me, so, I faked being fine, while dying inside. I never knew I could cry out to God in lament. This book has been so eye opening! Thank you!