Ashley Booth

I sang “Jesus loves me this I know” as a child, but never knew the weight those words carried. It didn’t feel enough to say “the Bible tells me so” when important relationships in my life told me the opposite. As a child, my sense of value was warped when someone that was supposed to love and protect me did the opposite. Other toxic relationships echoed my worthlessness. I grew up working in the modeling industry that values people only for the short time they are marketable. I spent a lot of my life searching for someone to find value in me. I had several breaking points with God. The most distinct one I remember telling God, “No one can love me or accept me as I am except you”. My husband is the first man who saw the depths of my heart and loved me the same. I learned so much about God through him. We are meant to have real relationships with God and one another. Now I can be real with God and sing “Jesus loves me this I know” and really mean it.

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