Alycia Wood

I remember that time in my life when I felt like everything collapsed. That time when I felt that not only was my life a failure, but I was a failure. I was smart, but was getting outsmarted. I was “doing everything right”, but everything was going wrong. I was strong, but couldn’t get out of bed. I was young, but life had aged my aching heart. But it was there, in every bit of agony and pain that God met me. He had a plan and way that I wouldn’t have believed had He told me Himself. He was not outsmarted, weak or tired. He was going to turn all things around for good and show me He wasn’t done with me yet. And boy, was He right. He picked me up and things were never the same. Looking back, I feel nothing but amazement at Him. A time of lament turned into a time of wonder.

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