Alegra Rohr

You never know what your marriage will look like. You have hopes and dreams but nothing really prepares you for the struggle. Ours was pornography. A fourteen-year battle with pornography resulted in a seven-month separation as my husband submitted himself to a program to help him and our marriage. In those seven months I was alone in a new town with three young children. I was isolated. I felt sad and confused and wondered if our marriage would be saved. What would my life look like without my husband, and if this ‘program’ didn’t work, what would I tell my children? Many questions would plague me and I couldn’t sleep at night. Meanwhile, I had to put on a happy; positive face for my children, for my family and for those watching my process. It was a humbling and hard process God took us both through, but we have both experienced beauty from ashes. We are currently celebrating a loving marriage of twenty years.

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