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My dear friend Kate is laughing again. The first time I met Kate her daughter Daisy was going though cancer. Kate’s long, gorgeous hair and bronze complexion standing next to her surfer husband make them a stereotypical stunning couple from California. Their beauty wasn’t one of intimidation, however. Their beauty didn’t invoke envy. Their beauty was deeper than […]

Do you remember the friends you made in your twenties? The ones you dreamed with, celebrated with, and supported one another through the hard times? Allison Trowbridge was (and is) that friend to me. Our paths crossed in our early twenties. We set out to change the world and are still pretty convinced our lives can make […]

In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus invites us, “Come to me, all you who are weary.” The word translated “weary” can also mean “tired,” or better yet, “exhausted.” Jesus was speaking with a group of his followers and he said, “Are you weary, tired, or exhausted? Come to me, and you will find rest.” Even […]

  Writing a book — telling a story — it certainly comes at a cost. Honored to be working with the talented people at I Am Second. My #WhiteChairFilm will launch later this week. Click below to see a short preview:   Esther Fleece – Fake It – March 16-for websites 29.97fps

What is Biblical Favor? I saw a tweet from a Christian musician thanking God for His favor because she ended up with an airline upgrade on an international flight. It was the oddest tweet at the time, but over time this tweet confused me when I was in the airport and treated poorly. Did I […]