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As I woke up and read another news heading of a mass killing in Las Vegas, Nevada, my soul groaned and cried out to God. How many times have we lamented on social media? We’ve changed our facebook profile pictures, hash-tagged the most recent #prayingfor___ and we continue to see a vicious cycle of violence […]

On the one hand, it’s easy for me to remember where I was when 9/11 happened sixteen years ago. I was at an elementary school tutoring a student in the library, when I saw on a television in the background a plane hit the first tower. I remember thinking to myself: this show doesn’t seem […]

A few years ago I began dating a wonderful man whose family had business providing healthcare, jobs and opportunities for developmentally disabled adults within the community. The majority of their clients required full time care, and I took a weekend to visit their staff and clients at their yearly summer camp. Towering over all of […]

After a seven month book tour, I am ready to take a break! Just yesterday I sent out an e-mail update to the subscribers at going into a little more detail of why now is the time to rest. Here are four passages to take a look at. What phrase do you notice that these four verses […]