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Praise for No More Faking Fine

“Passionately encouraging readers to create space for authentic self-reflection in Christian life and practice, Fleece should gain a whole new audience with this book.” –Publishers Weekly 

“Reality Check: Esther Fleece had it all as a speaker and leader for a prominent Christian ministry, but the painful past she was running from was quickly catching up with her. As she learns to embrace the biblical concept of lament, she finds God’s comfort in the midst of her suffering.”  – Men of Integrity, Christianity Today 

“No More Faking Fine will give readers the much-needed permission to grieve, to ask the difficult questions, to pray the dangerous prayers, and to feel all their hurts—without apology. Fleece’s voice sorely needs to be heard in the church today, and her debut book will go far toward ending the pretending and creating authentic Christian communities in order to birth a new song of strength and beauty and praise to God.” –Living Life Magazine

“In No More Faking Fine Esther Fleece is all about starting a movement that tosses ‘faking fine’ to the curb so that Christ followers can get real and be healed. Fleece challenges Christians to stop themselves short before replying with ‘I’m fine’ to the age-old question, ‘How are you?’” –Christian MARKET

“Drawing from biblical study, she shows readers healthy ways to give voice to the hurt they’ve kept inside for too long, because, ‘God meets us where we are, and not where we pretend to be.’” –Homecoming Magazine

No More Faking Fine made the Christian Bestsellers List for February 2017. Ranked #25 by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. Thank you to all of you who made this possible! #keepreading