Always Remember & Never Forget

On the one hand, it’s easy for me to remember where I was when 9/11 happened sixteen years ago. I was at an elementary school tutoring a student in the library, when I saw on a television in the background a plane hit the first tower. I remember thinking to myself: this show doesn’t seem appropriate for an elementary school.

Turns out the day’s events were not appropriate for any age group.

On the other hand, a lot of time has passed since September 11th, 2001. I have since graduated from college, moved out of state, began a career, made new friends, got married, etc.. While life was stopped on that day for some, life went on for others. So it is with grief. We want the world around us to stop, and when it cannot, we ask people to remember.

There is an odd healing that is associating with remembering. This remembering usually involves grief. This healing usually involves lament, and for that reason and more, it is hard for most people to do.

But as I sit here and reflect sixteen years later, I remember today the need to pause and grieve. We stop to mourn. We pause and remember. 9/11 is a day we will #NeverForget. Are their other life events that have caused you to slow down?

In No More Faking Fine Chapter 8 we talked about the importance of never forgetting.

The Hebrew words for “remember” (zakar) and “not forget” (lo shakach) are both used in the active tense. Remembering and never forgetting are bold actions of calling God’s truth into the present.

Never forgetting can be a part of a healthy Christian lifestyle.

While we don’t dwell on the things of the past, we aren’t numb to them, either.

So today, we remember the victims of 9/11. We give thanks for the heroes on that day and the first responders. We give thanks that a community of helpers who rose up in the midst of grief. We take our own pain (past and present) to a Heavenly Father who doesn’t forget. We grieve, but not like those without hope. We remember, and trust that God is faithful yesterday, today and forever.

Pause and remember. It is for our good.

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