3 Day Lament Track with Catalyst

The Catalyst Conference has been some of my favorite friends to work with for almost a decade. It meant a lot when their Executive Director Tyler Reagin asked me to introduce No More Faking Fine in a session during their fall conference. Not only does Catalyst do a great job equipping leaders who love the church, they are on the front end of introducing topics that we may be leaving behind.

I’m honored to join the Catalyst Podcast to talk about No More Faking Fine.

Additionally, here’s a THREE DAY Lament Track to get you started with incorporating the language of lament in your own personal walk with God, and also why it’s necessary to introduce this language to your congregations.

Where Are All The Needy Christians? Catalyst Track Day 1

An Emotional Trinity: Catalyst Track Day 2

A Clearer Understanding: Catalyst Track Day 3