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    Join me in discovering God as a good Father. A Father who reveals His nature not only in the times of peace and beauty, but especially in the trials and suffering of this life. The Esther of old was a voice for those lamenting; I hope to become one, too. Read more...

A few years ago I began dating a wonderful man whose family had business providing healthcare, jobs and opportunities for developmentally disabled adults within the community. The majority of their clients required full time care, and I took a weekend to visit their staff and clients at their yearly summer camp. Towering over all of […]

After a seven month book tour, I am ready to take a break! Just yesterday I sent out an e-mail update to the subscribers at going into a little more detail of why now is the time to rest. Here are four passages to take a look at. What phrase do you notice that these four verses […]

No More Faking Fine was chosen to be the Kindle Monthy ebook deal! The eBook will be $1.99 until the end of the day May 31st. Thanks for helping us spread the word! Link to buy:

My dear friend Kate is laughing again. The first time I met Kate her daughter Daisy was going though cancer. Kate’s long, gorgeous hair and bronze complexion standing next to her surfer husband make them a stereotypical stunning couple from California. Their beauty wasn’t one of intimidation, however. Their beauty didn’t invoke envy. Their beauty was deeper than […]